I Ordered From Outside of Istanbul. What Happens If The Courier Company Does Not Deliver My Order Within 24 Hours?

We deliver your orders every day from Monday to Thursday. Normally, you should receive your order the next day. However, during this period there may be delays as cargo companies are very busy. If you have ordered frozen products on our website, they may defrost after 36 hours. The ice cassettes we use in your package protect your products for a maximum of 36 hours. If you ordered outside of Istanbul, you are entirely responsible for tracking your order. The day after you receive your order tracking code from us, you should call the cargo company branch and check whether your order can be delivered. If necessary, you should go and get your package yourself from the cargo branch. If for some reason your order is delayed and the products have defrosted, never refreeze. Keep them in the fridge and consume within 48 hours. You can also put them back in freezer after cooking. If you haven’t ordered frozen products, you should not have any problems for up to 48 hours. Ogustos can not accept any liability if products defrost due to unforeseen delays with the cargo company.

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